For Parents

There is nothing that parents love more than when their children are excited to learn, and even better, when they are excited to read. Kidz Buzz is a paper written for kids and utilized by parents and teachers to get everyone engaged in the learning process.

Each month, fresh new content is provided as a resource to parents on topics of 21st Century Life Skills, feature articles to keep kids reading, a local calendar with highlights of events and local areas of interest, featured recipes, contests, and more.. Parents can also enjoy articles that teach them, and their children, about character education and a variety of fun and informative non-fiction topics. What a great way to connect than by reading and having fun together while eating dinner and doing homework.

EVERYBODY WINS……Family-school partnerships lead to success for everyone involved in the educational process (The National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education). “Students do better in school and in life. Parents become empowered. Teacher morale improves. Schools get better. Communities grow stronger”, according to the coalition.

Kidz Buzz is committed to keeping the community informed, while providing a tool that encourages the use of newspapers in the home, which improves test scores between 10%-30% when used at least one a week, or more. We are delighted to be part of the news that keeps your family up-to-date, engaged, and growing stronger.

For Parents….

I just wanted to thank you for helping instill a love of reading into my first grade son. As soon as dinner was done, he pulled out the current edition. I love that there is something out there that makes him feel grown up, but at his reading level. Thank you! (Jaime A., Parent, Mt. Laurel)