Buzz Blogs - New Jersey

Next Stop…Creation Station Inventions

Cameron, 8
“The Active Country”
A new country where people run a lot and
do lots of stuff. People exercise and aren’t
lazy here!
Thomas, 7
“Wireless School”
Kids plug wires in their brains. It makes you
really smart and you don’t have to go to school.
Faith, 8
“Creator Robot”
Buttons on her body open a secret door.
A box will appear that gives you exactly
what you want.
Dylan, 7
“Hover Water Slide”
The Hover Water Slide goes as high as you
want it to go. It can move anywhere!
Sky, 7
Rosie does your chores. She has a speaker
that you talk into and she can talk back to you.
Kaden, 8
Rufus gives food to homeless people. You press
a button and each color gives you a food, green
for vegetables, red for fruit, blue for drinks,
purple for desserts and orange for meats.
Tim, 11
The T-Rex Uber- he drives you where you
need to go. There are attractions for tourists
to visit inside his body.
Alanna, 8
A robot that gives out glue to homeless people
so they can put their houses together again.
Michael, 9
“Thruster Truck”
A flying car that helps people get around.
There is a hook under the car so you can
carry stuff around, too.
Wynter, 7
A robot that rolls around your house
and helps to clean-up toys!
Kendall, 6
Lex makes people happy when they are feeling
sad. He can tickle people, too. Lex works by
energy from the sun.
Jaden, 7
“Helping Robot”
The Helping Robot helps old people
open doors.